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Ready to go on a First Class journey? Our process is simple. 


Tell us what type of board you want. Coastline, Lake, River, or Skyline. 

Choose the size, and orientation for the board. 


If we can find it on Google Maps, we can create it. 


We will provide you with a mock-up image before we begin the project. Lead times on mock-up images are 1-2 business days. 


Once you approve the design, we will fire up the laser and get the epoxy flowing! 


Your project will ship within two weeks after the approved design, and we usually ship within one week. 


Since this is a custom project communication is our secret to making you a happy customer! We will tell you where your project stands every step of the way. 


Better yet, we will actually send you a video of it beying made once its complete!


What are you waiting for? Lets get going!

Create Your Custom Board

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