I'm Ben, and our story starts with passion.

Passion for creating, providing, and being the best example we can be for our five children. Kaitlin and I started Genesis Laser Designs in the midst of the pandemic.

Kaitlin is a nurse, and I was traveling nonstop in my corporate job. Covid shed light on the gaps that frontline workers faced with the PPE shortage. With my manufacturing background, we decided to help in any way we could. I purchased a few 3D printers and started making face shields. As orders started to grow, so did the need for a faster way to make the shields. That's where our first laser came in. With the help of an investor, we purchased our first machine and started sending shields out by the thousands to hard-hit areas. As the need for shields declined, our creativity increased. We now provide items that go far beyond gifts and create lasting memories. We would love to create something amazing for you.

Be blessed and stay healthy.